Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke


The latest book in the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery series is OKAY. If you have yet to read a cozy mystery there are a few things you should know before picking them up: they are fun fluffy reads where the murder is never really detailed. The language is light and sometimes cheesy. You can figure out the killer early in the book because cozies usually all follow the same formula. All that being said I am an avid reader of cozies, especially in the summer. They are fun and quick. Joanne Fluke is a popular cozy author. The Hannah Swensen series is about a baker in Minnesota who is constantly stumbling across dead bodies and curiosity drives her to solve the mystery.
Most of the time you can read any of her books in any order but in the case of Chocolate Cream Pie Murder you should read Banana Cream Pie Murder and Raspberry Danish Murder before because the story line crosses through all three book with the end happening in Chocolate Cream Pie Murder. I will not say much about the actual plot, but I will let you know that the actual murder does not take place until you have read about 80% of the book and it is solved over two short chapters. The plot of the three books had so much potential for intrigue but really fell short. It did take the Hannah Swensen series to a dark (for a cozy) place. #bookreview #librarybook #cozymystery #chocolatecreampiemurder