As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti

As You WishAs You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the small desert town, Madison Nevada everything seems normal, even boring on the surface. Tourists are never encouraged to stay longer than the time it takes to fill up their gas tanks. If outsiders stay longer, the residents of Madison risk their dark secret coming out. You see, every person born in Madison gets one chance to dramatically change their lives forever on their 18th birthday, with a single wish.

Eldon Wilkes will have his chance in less than a month and he has no idea what to wish for because he already lost everything and everyone that was important to him, and no magic wish will bring any of it back. As the clock ticks down to his wish day, Eldon has to decide not only what to wish for, but whether or not he is willing to expose the entire town of Madison to the outsiders they have protected themselves against for decades.

I really enjoyed this book. It presents the reader with some very deep philosophical questions. For example, what really is the meaning of life? How much is it really worth being able to choose anything you want? The book presents it’s deep thinking with sarcasm and humor. Our protagonist Eldon is constantly told by everyone around him that he is arrogant and self-centered. He is on the surface, but in the end, he is just a teenager struggling to find meaning and prepare himself for adulthood which is conveniently marked by wish on his eighteenth birthday.

This book crams so much teenage angst in it that any reader will connect with the story at some point. Although, I would never call this book a thriller it does have a fast-paced ending that was a bit of a surprise. I highly recommend this book to any YA reader.

Note: I was given this book by the publisher for review, in no way did that affect my opinions.