Sloppy Wants a Hug by Sean Julian

Sloppy Wants a HugSloppy Wants a Hug by Sean Julian

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sloppy is a tree dragon who really wants a hug from his fairy friend Dewdrop. Dewdrop however does not want to give him a hug and will only justify it by telling Sloppy “You know why.” Sloppy acts like he no longer wants a hug but becomes jealous when he sees Dewdrop giving everyone else but him a hug. Sloppy goes on with his life and finds a bird in need of help. Sloppy doesn’t hesitate to help the bird and Dewdrop sees it. Because Sloppy was so nice Dewdrop decides to give him a hug… but she ends up regretting it when Sloppy gives her a big yucky lick.

This book is worth having for many reasons, but first and foremost the illustrations. They are detailed and beautiful, and they alone will attract and keep a child’s attention. Second, although a somewhat silly story it has a wonderful lesson for kids… Kindness should be given and rewarded. I highly recommend this book.

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