The Last Bookaneer by Matthew Pearl

8dc0135c-937b-4589-b830-109ae4746ec2img400Fans of Matthew Pearl “The Last Dickens” will be fond of his latest book “The Last Bookaneer” set to come out from Penguin Press April 28 2015. Briefly, in The Last Dickens we are introduced to a mysterious group of folks called bookaneers. These literary pirates risk life and fortune for the glory of capturing a prized manuscript from the most sought after authors. In the latest from award-winning Matthew Pearl, we see the last of the bookaneers battle it out in Samoa over the greatest treasure they have ever sought, the last novel from dying Robert Louis Stevenson.

Like all of Pearl’s work, The Last Bookaneer, is a literary thrill. From the first page to last I was riveted by the tale our narrators Mr. Fergins and Mr. Clover spun for the readers. We are taken to exotic places, meet influential authors and of course are given loving descriptions of literature and its effect on readers. Our characters are clever and well read. The plot has twists and turns that can surprise even the most rigorous of readers. And one can only imagine the amount of research that went into this novel. Every chapter is not only entertaining but also a lesson in literary and publishing history.

This novel is a must read for several types of readers; fans of Pearl, literary fiction, publishing history, Stevenson and the novel Frankenstein to name just a few. For this reader it is a volume that will be read many times and treasured as if it was the last manuscript seized by the last bookaneer.

Note: I received this book from the publisher to read and review. In no way did that effect the opinions in this review.

4 of 5 stars