Criminal Confections by Colette London

Criminal ConfectionsCriminal Confections by Colette London
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Criminal Confections by Colette London is the first book in a new Cozy Mystery series. Our crime solver is Hayden Mundy Moore. She just turned thirty is heir to a large fortune and a globe trotter. This self proclaimed chocolate whisperer has the life. Nothing has been able to stump her in her travels until she becomes a guest at an exclusive all chocolate resort and finds herself in the midst of murder. Determined to figure out who killed her friend and whether or not she might have been the real target, Hayden enlists the help of her long time friend, streetwise Danny the security expert. Together the discover that people of the chocolate world all have secrets, some more sinister than others.

The novel started off strong. Interesting open, quirky main character with two potential love interests, all the makings of a good cozy mystery series starter. While two murders and one disappearance happen in the book there is a lack of action towards the middle of the book. It stalls and a less dedicated reader may have quit during the middle of the book. Also the killer becomes obvious to everyone but Hayden early on and she (Hayden) does seem to become a little dizzier as the book progresses. Perhaps she has had too much chocolate or one two many bumps on the head but she does not come off as quick witted as she led us to believe early on.

Those faults up front now i cannot say that it was a bad book. The chocolate information is abundant and interesting. Overall, I think this will be an interesting series with murder, chocolate and a love triangle how could a series go wrong.

The publisher gave me vthis book to read and review. In no way does that effect the content of this review.

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